LPG volvo

How much could you be saving by running your Volvo

 on LPG or CNG over the coming years ?

Arun Autogas, have been carrying out LPG conversions since 1998. An LPG conversion enables petrol Volvos to run on either LPG or Petrol controlled by the driver from inside the Volvo whilst realising cost savings of up to 35% over a diesel engine. An LPG Volvo is much more cost effective than the diesel option.

Renewable fuels

The switch to increased use of renewable fuels includes car models that are tailored to run on multiple fuels. Volvo offers models that are powered by petrol, diesel, ethanol and we offer natural gas/biogas. Volvo's Flexifuel models, that is to say cars that can run on both petrol and bioethanol, with conversions can also run on CNG or LPG. So the current Volvo 2.5 FT today constitutes one of the widest alternative fuel ranges on the market.

Convert to Gaseous fuels

What is more, on several European markets there are aftermarket-converted gas models that can run on up to five fuels - natural gas, biogas, hythane (biomethane with low-blend hydrogen), E85 and petrol. Biogas in particular offers excellent environmental properties.

Proven Reductions
We have for some time offered our LPG conversion, on the five cylinder 2.5FT & 2.5T Volvo cars and now of course the Ford Focus ST fitted with the same engine. Our Tartarini LPG and CNG conversions have reduced the Volvo's emissions significantly enough to be listed on the Powershift Register, and thus can avoid the TfL London Congestion Charge. Another substantial saving.

And a dramatic reduction in emissions, 120 lpg's Volvos create the same amount of nitrous oxide (nox) as ONE diesel version.

    See examples of our Volvo LPG Conversion to models including:


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